Schwartz & Company, LLP was founded in 1991 on the basic principle that in order to provide superior services it is essential to take our client's business very personally.

Schwartz & Company, LLP specializes in accounting, audit and tax services for venture capital companies, investment partnerships, public and closely held corporations and acquisitions of U.S. companies by both domestic and foreign investors. We analyze and evaluate operations and current cash flow; prepare multi-year operating and tax proforma projections; review acquisitions; as well as provide consultation for today's myriad forms of investment structure. In addition, we boast a wealth of knowledge and expertise in developing tax planning strategies for high net-worth individuals as well as shareholders, partners and corporate executives.

At Schwartz & Company, LLP, we remain in close contact with our clients, continually reviewing and monitoring their financial results. This enables us to immediately identify and react to fluctuations of anticipated results and potential problems as they arise. It is a personalized approach which most firms only aspire to achieve and few will ever match.

We stress listening to our clients. Understanding their needs. Suggesting solutions based on the unique characteristics of each client's business: their operations, competition, goals and aspirations. Paying close and continual attention to fluctuations and opportunities that can impact their success. In other words, whatever concerns our clients, concerns us. It is a trust we take very seriously and a role we are privileged to serve.

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